• Royden Saah

GES Colloquium - Covid-19's impact

A discussion with an all-star cast of GES faculty, scholars and graduate students as they reflect upon COVID-19, our preparedness, response, and its impacts on our global community.

- Royden Saah will discuss preparedness, response and recovery by reflecting back on his frontline work with the Ebola crisis.

- Dr. Alun Lloyd will discuss his current and future modeling efforts/needs in relation to the Imperial College study.

- Eli Hornstein and Dalton George will examine the globalized/democratized science efforts to develop testing, cures and equipment.

- Dr. Zachary Brown examines the economic aspects of decisions-making around the pandemic

- Dr. Nora Haenn will situate the Covid19 crisis within globalization, liminality, and the need to care for family.

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