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Royden Saah has 15+ years of experience maintaining health-related operations in the most distressed environments. Working with the CDC, White House, and FBI.

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Podcast notes:

Between the SARS outbreak of 2003 and the H1N1 pandemic of 2009, the federal government, FEMA, CDC put together an extensive pandemic influenza response plan on how to have every sector of society prepared for an event like the one we are experiencing now with COVID-19.

What kind of plans should you have in place for employees and how to deal with absenteeism during illness?

All of that was put together in 2006. Although for many us, business owners, and entrepreneurs we may feel unprepared but there have been teams of people working on this issue for years and Royden shares with our listeners some of their wisdom. Helping you to:

  • Maintain essential business continuity

  • Reduce illness and save lives

  • Organize your response and recovery

Translating his 15 years of experience maintaining critical health-related operations in the most distressed environments.

Royden shares tips for businesses:

  • Biosafety procedures to protect essential workers

  • Enhance/improve pandemic plans – preparedness, response, and recovery

  • Provide clarity and insight to industry-specific & location-specific health guidance

  • Provide risk communication and outbreak messaging, including emails, documentation and formal presentations for board members, executive leadership, Human Resources, and staff

  • Assist Human Resources with implementing pandemic response and/or recovery

  • Training and capacity building

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